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Aberhafesp Community Council

Minutes Archive


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agm meeting 06 05 2015.pdf27 February 202384kB
meeting 09 12 2015.pdf27 February 2023149kB
meeting 11 03 2015.pdf27 February 202385kB
meeting 15 01 2015.pdf27 February 202384kB
meeting 17 06 2015.pdf27 February 2023143kB
meeting 24 02 2015.pdf27 February 202383kB
meeting 29 07 2015.pdf27 February 202384kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
meeting 06 07 2016.pdf27 February 20239kB
meeting 07 12 2016.pdf27 February 202312kB
meeting 17 02 2016.pdf27 February 20237kB
meeting 20 01 2016.pdf27 February 202386kB
meeting 22 06 2016.pdf27 February 20239kB
meeting 24 08 2016.pdf27 February 202310kB
meeting 26 10 2016.pdf27 February 202313kB
meeting agm 04 05 2016.pdf27 February 20238kB


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meeting 04 10 2017.pdf27 February 2023151kB
meeting 07 06 2017.pdf27 February 2023151kB
meeting 08 03 2017.pdf27 February 202392kB
meeting 08 11 2017.pdf27 February 2023150kB
meeting 09 08 2017.pdf27 February 2023155kB
meeting 13 12 2017.pdf27 February 2023151kB
meeting 25 01 2017.pdf27 February 202390kB
meeting 26 04 2017.pdf27 February 202388kB
meeting agm 17 05 2017.pdf27 February 2023158kB


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agenda 110919.docx.pdf27 February 202353kB
agenda 131119.docx.pdf27 February 202353kB
agenda 181219.pdf27 February 202356kB
minutes 110919.pdf27 February 202368kB
minutes 120619.pdf27 February 202371kB
minutes 131119.docx.pdf27 February 202372kB
minutes 3 100719.pdf27 February 202368kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 minutes 250820.pdf27 February 202371kB
2 minutes 160920 agm.docx.pdf27 February 202376kB
3 planning meeting 230920.pdf27 February 202371kB
4 minutes 021220.pdf27 February 202372kB
agenda 021220.pdf27 February 202356kB
agenda 120820.pdf27 February 202356kB
agenda 160920 agm.docx.pdf27 February 202356kB
agenda 230120.pdf27 February 202354kB
agenda 230920.pdf27 February 202357kB
agenda 250820.docx.pdf27 February 202353kB
minutes 7 230120.pdf27 February 202369kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
1 minutes 290421.pdf27 February 202369kB
2 minutes 260521 agm.docx.pdf27 February 202373kB
3 minutes 020621.docx.pdf27 February 202351kB
4 minutes 160621.pdf27 February 202368kB
5 minutes 200121.docx.pdf27 February 202376kB
5 minutes 210721.pdf27 February 202374kB
6 minutes 150921.pdf27 February 202369kB
6 minutes 310321.pdf27 February 202379kB
7 minutes 201021.pdf27 February 202373kB
8 minutes 271021.docx.pdf27 February 202357kB
agenda 150921 decison.docx27 February 202317kB
agenda 150921.docx.pdf27 February 202355kB
agenda 160621.docx.pdf27 February 202358kB
agenda 201021 decisions.docx.pdf27 February 202358kB
agenda 201021.docx.pdf27 February 202356kB
agenda 210721.pdf27 February 202357kB
agenda 260521 agm.pdf27 February 202355kB
agenda 280421.pdf27 February 202355kB
agenda 310321.pdf27 February 202358kB
chair report 2021.docx.pdf27 February 202365kB
councillors declaration of interest register 2021 22.pdf27 February 202381kB
notice of election aberhafesp.pdf27 February 202387kB
statement of persons nominated_aberhafesp 1.pdf27 February 202394kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
10 minutes 230222.pdf27 February 202371kB
11 minutes 230322.docx.pdf27 February 202366kB
9 minutes 120122.docx.pdf27 February 202370kB
img20220422_11074880.pdf27 February 2023364kB
january decisions.docx.pdf27 February 202357kB
noe a3 communities eng.pdf27 February 2023223kB
payments to members 2021 22.pdf27 February 2023287kB