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Rights of Way: Restoring the Record 2026 FREE TRAINING DAYS

Added on 27 February 2019

On 1st January 2026, unrecorded and under-recorded historic public rights of way will cease to exist. 

It's scary to think how many routes, including some that we take for granted because 'there has never been a problem', could be lost forever if we don't all do our bit to get them recorded on the definitive map before the 2026 deadline. The deadline is close, but THERE IS STILL TIME TO ACT!

Sarah Bucks and Phil Wadey, authors of the research guide: ‘Rights of Way: Restoring the Record’ run FREE TRAINING DAYS on researching and recording rights of way.

The training days are designed to help:

·         Check historic rights on a track;

·         Find extra evidence before a public inquiry;

·         Have confidence to visit an archive office;

·         Check which Act authorised which activities.

Training days in mid/South Wales, organised by Waters of Wales – WoW:

Saturday 23rd March 2019 – Newtown (Powys)

Sunday 24th March 2019 – Glasbury on Wye.

Open to all: BOOKING ESSENTIAL on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

BOOK BY EMAIL: stating which date/venue you wish to attend, and the names + email contact address of all attendees you are booking for.

THE TRAINING DAYS ARE FREE TO ATTEND.  The costs are borne by the Waters of Wales – WoW campaign, which campaigns for fair, shared, sustainable open access for ALL.  If you wish to contribute towards the costs, donations via PayPal to will be very welcome. 

If you have any queries, please email, or visit our Facebook page where you can message the admin team: